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Life Insurance Coverage in Gainesville, GA

Posted on November 26, 2018 By agentinsure

Life insurance seekers in Georgia have a responsibility to learn the set rules enveloping life insurance policies. These laws predominantly deal with claims and are essential to get some basic knowledge about them. The primary purpose of a life insurance policy is to provide financial protection to a policy holder’s dependents after their death.

At Chastain Agency LLC in Gainesville and Cleveland, GA, we recommend that an individual seeks advice from a certified insurance company or agent who will advise you based on your options and find the type that suits you best. Life insurance in Georgia is divided into two categories:

Term insurance

From its title, term life insurance offers coverage for a particular period. This kind of protection is an excellent option for starters or any individual hoping to buy life insurance for the first time.

It’s quite economical especially for economic-conscious residents and comes in several unique term periods, although the same insurance can be quickly converted to a permanent policy based on your preference and demands.

Premium options come with varying periods of between 1-30 years duration. The basics of term insurance include the following:

  • Cover for a distinctly short span
  • Rates may change when distinct terms expire
  • Lower premiums but extended coverage
  • Can never be managed as cash value

Permanent insurance

This popular life insurance policy is characterized by the ability to protect an individual all through their life so long as the premiums are paid as specified by the coverage. The basics include:

  • Covers throughout the entire lifetime
  • Builds equity and has a cash value
  • Higher but reasonable premiums
  • Offer flexibility at various stages

Life is priceless, that is why we work hard to ensure our loved ones are covered. The whole insurance sector may be quite overwhelming but not when you have Chastain Agency LLC in Gainesville and Cleveland, GA. We welcome you to call or visit us, and we shall take charge of all your insurance needs.

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